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AVK corporate social responsibility



Both within the water, gas, wastewater handling, and industrial segments, numerous measures may be taken to act responsibly towards the resources of nature. AVK recognises the dangers of creating a negative environmental impact when developing and exploiting business opportunities on a global scale. As a result, we are committed to constantly working on reducing this impact to a minimum by improving actions and effects that may deteriorate the resources of the earth.

We strive at developing products that are energy saving once they are in use in water installations. All the objectives, which have been set by the AVK Group to actively ensure protection of the environment, reflect that the members of the AVK Group are responsible companies with a sound and respectful attitude towards the environment.

We are aware of the importance of reducing the electricity consumption, as it adds to the emission of CO2. We are also aware of the fact that clean water is a scarce resource. Therefore, the AVK group has outlined a number of very strict objectives for our production companies as far as electricity and water consumption are concerned. Consequently, all of our companies put high efforts in reducing the consumption, wherever they can and even get a direct saving as a side benefit.

Every AVK employee is motivated to identify areas of improvement in the way we do business to the benefit of the environment. We do not only focus on activities and processes in our manufacturing companies, we also focus on the behaviour and business model of our suppliers. The AVK Group has agreed to a number of standards that suppliers need to comply with in order to be a certified supplier of the AVK Group. 

Therefore, in a world of intensified globalisation, resulting in increasing business relations between countries and cultures, it is vital for the AVK Group to achieve sustainability throughout the supply chain. We wish to assure our customers that we work with responsible partners who adhere to the same standards as we do. We seek partners with high ethical standards.

Partners who also feel a strong commitment to comply with international legislation in the field of labour. We are against the use of child labour throughout the entire supply chain, and do not accept any discrimination in respect of employment and occupation. The AVK Group wishes to contribute to a sustainable future.

We recognise sustainability as a factor that is of vital importance to secure the future success not only of man driven businesses, but of mankind. Not only do the AVK products, in terms of the materials used and the processes carried through, show respect for the environment. The way in which we approach the market with our mindset and technologies, will be driving our efforts to preserve our planet for future generations around the world.

The products of AVK form part of infrastructures, which play an important role for the local environment all over the world. This for example, applies to the supply of pure drinking water and the draining of wastewater to treatment plants. As a natural consequence of this, AVK continues to focus on the environment in all its internal processes.

Our company is certified according to ISO 14001 in respect of environmental management and AS 4801 certified in respect of the Australian standard for occupational health and safety. We have a proactive approach to business in all aspects, and this certainly involves working for a sustainable future.