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Value in every drop - Stop water losses


Huge volumes of clean water are lost through leaks and overflows, and are not accounted for due to metering inaccuracies at consumers and illegal connections (theft). Reducing NRW levels is a pivotal management challenge, and the aspiration should be to reduce NRW down to the Economical Level of Leakage (ELL), an optimal level defined by the International Water Association (IWA), with a view to maximizing benefits in relation to economy and resources.

AVK is an important player when it comes to valves, hydrants and accessories for our four main business sectors of Water Distribution, Wastewater Handling, Natural Gas Supply and Fire Protection Systems. Our products form a vital and important part of the infrastructure that serves our society with clean water, safe natural gas distribution, effective wastewater handling and safe guard our valuables. We take active part in helping our customers and end users to live up to the Global Sustainable Development Goal no. 6 set by UN, in securing water and sanitation for all. 

This brochure is the first in a row of 3 putting focus on AVK product’s role in helping to reduce water loss that at some places reaches unnecessary heights. This brochure deals with the overall perspective of NRW (Non-Revenue Water) and asks the questions... What is NRW and how to deal with it? What is a DMA (District Metered Area)? What is active leakage management? What is Pressure Management, and how do AVK products fit into all this? 

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