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AVK Double Eccentric Butterfly Valves DN 200_1200

AVK Australia Double Eccentric Butterfly Valves DN 200-2800


We offer double eccentric butterfly valves in DN200 up to 2800 range designed with durability in focus. The tilted and firmly secured disc, the optimised seal design and the corrosion protected shaft end zones are all features that exceed the market standards.

Key Features:

  • Longer service life due to tilted disc
  • Safe disc and shaft connection
  • Two seat designs
  • Disc seal optimised for high performance
  • Shaft design features
  • Bi-directional and slim design 
  • Actuation of your choice

Our double eccentric butterfly valves are well suited for water supply applications. They are available in PN10, PN16 and PN25 and are approved by DVGW, KIWA and WRAS.

Double Centric Butterfly Valves

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