Outdoor fire protection

Outdoor fire protection systems are indispensable in industrial areas where a fire easily can occur. Many different processes are taking place, and often inflammable materials are present in the areas. Consequently, there are high requirements to the systems. 

For the outdoor fire protection, AVK hydrants enable a fast and effective effort to get the fire under control before it escalates to an un-controllable situation. The hydrants can be operated directly by means of hose attachment, by an attached fire monitor or they can be used as a water access point by the professional fire department. 

The dry barrel hydrants are primarily designed for areas with frost, where the water mains is located below the ground frost zone. The wet barrel hydrants are primarily designed for non-frost areas. The monitor hydrants are primarily used for installation in chemical and petrochemical industrial plants as well as refineries, tank farms, airports and other plants with large amounts of inflammable liquids posing fire hazards.