Explore the interactive AVK world

Most of our products are hidden under ground, so it’s not often you get to see them. In our interactive AVK world, you can learn about our products and see where they are typically used. The AVK world shows typical applications and installation scenarios for AVK products for water supply, wastewater treatment, gas distribution, fire protection.

How do I travel across the AVK world?

In the AVK world map, select an application of your interest – a tooltip will show the subject when hovering the mouse over one of the icons in the illustration. Click the application to have a closer look at the installations of valves and accessories at that specific site. You can now inspect common product installations for the chosen application. Click any of the icons next to a product or one of the accessories to get product details and links directly to our product finder.

Please get in touch with your local AVK contact if you have any product related questions.

Fire protection indoor

Fire protection outdoor

Waste water collection

Waste water outlet

Waste water treatment


Water distribution

Water plant work

Water transmission