About AVK Wang

Based in the rural city of Wangaratta, in Northeast Victoria, AVK Wang is focused on providing the best repair and maintenance products consisting of couplingsrepair clamps, tapping saddles and specialty products for pipelines in Australia and New Zealand.

AVK Wang are proud of the reputation that their products have earned in the Australian market, however they know that when it comes to repair and maintenance the best product is only part of the solution. That is why AVK Wang are focused on meeting the customers need by ensuring all products match the application and are available when they are needed.

AVK Wang are committed to delivering products that are designed in Australia, made by Australians for Australian conditions. With their unique design and production teams being based in Wangaratta, AVK Wang are able to quickly respond to customer needs without delays due to language differences or importing controls.

Their already established local facility also means they can customise products to suit a specific customer’s application, through selection of material, physical design, shape, product verification and testing.