Quality Assurance Guarantee

AVK is offering a QUALITY ASSURANCE GUARANTEE for 5 YEARS on all AVK, Wang and Sureflow branded products, covering both material and workmanship.

It is common for water industry companies to provide warranties for only one or two years on their materials and workmanship.

AVK is focused on providing durable and reliable valves, hydrants, clamps, couplings, fittings, and accessories designed to function seamlessly without needing to be replaced or seen for a very long time.

"At AVK we prioritise quality above all else and stand by our brand!”

How does this work?

AVK will repair or replace the product at no charge should inspection indicate the product did not perform to its intended purpose during the application.*

The quality assurance guarantee applies as long as:

  • The product is operated within the intended design and operating parameters provided by AVK.
  • The product is serviced according to AVK recommendations and service records are kept.
  • The product is installed and operated properly per AVK Operating and Installation instructions. 

*refer to AVK Australia Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery | 1st February 2024 in Downloads section of website.

How can we make this offer?

AVK is known for producing exceptionally high-quality products, we create long-lasting and durable products.


This is achieved by having full control of our product-line manufacturing process every step of the way.


The bottom line

Our focus is on creating high-quality products that perform exceptionally well. We don’t compromise on quality for the sake of cost or meeting minimum standards.

Our goal is to provide dependable products that give our customers confidence.

“We engineer, manufacture,

and support premium solutions

that address real-life challenges."