Advanced Water Cycle Management Course visits AVK Global

The Advanced Water Cycle Management Course arranged by Aarhus University Centre for Water Technology and leading Danish companies and water utilities, paid us a visit to learn about pressure control valves and smart pressure management. 26-08-2019

After a guided factory tour the participants got the chance to take a closer look at our products and solutions. Michael Ramlau-Hansen, Global Brand Manager, AVK Holding, gave a short presentation introducing the students to AVK and then they were unleashed in our showroom. With a lot of enthusiasm, most of our products were closely inspected, opened and closed or being subjects of interesting discussions. It was a true pleasure to have so many dedicated visitors!

The Advanced Water Cycle Management Course has been set up as a cooperation between Aarhus University, Aarhus University Centre for Water Technology, AVK, Grundfos, Kamstrup, DHI, Skanderborg Forsyningsvirksomhed A/S, NIRAS, Aarhus University School of Engineering, AquaGlobe, I-GIS and Aarhus Vand. All of the partners take part in the intensive, two-week course, contributing with each of their particular areas of expertise.

The water management course is held for the first time and 46 participants have joined us for valuable insights on management of global water resources. The course participants are representatives from ministries, private companies and public institutions and are bachelor, master and Ph.D. students from Spain, Finland, Lithuania, Indonesia, USA, Slovakia, Malaysia, South Africa, Portugal, India, Italy, Norway, Germany and Denmark.


The course consists of three theoretical tracks; groundwater, water distribution and wastewater. The students will gain theoretical knowledge of global issues and effective solutions, and they will have the opportunity to take this into practice when they in teams work on solutions for real-life issues.

The event takes place in Låsby, Denmark close to our Headquarters – and this is not a coincidence. Danish water technology and treatment processes are pioneering not least in Denmark, we have highly advanced water systems, energy-producing wastewater plants and mapping, protection and administration of the groundwater system. This can be exemplified by non-revenue water, a term for produced water never reaching the end-customer due to pipe leaks or other supply network inefficiencies, which accounts for as much as up to 70 percent in some places while in Denmark, this accounts for 6-8 percent.