High Pressure Coupling - Australian Made

Australian made WANG PN35 Ultra-gib high-pressure couplings are manufactured at Wangaratta, Victoria, of full stainless-steel construction, and are ideal for joining high-pressure pipelines in both repair and new installations. 03-08-2021

To support the local water industry needs AVK has designed a high-pressure coupling specifically for local conditions, manufactured and tested in-house to the highest available standards – a quality you have grown to Expect from AVK.

The design encompasses a belled sleeve to meet the demands of pipe deflection and support the high PN35 pressure rating. The couplings are manufactured from 316-grade stainless steel and supplied with Nitrile rubber gaskets approved for potable water use. All couplings have 316 stainless steel bolts and nuts coated for anti-galling. The couplings connect a dedicated pipe OD with a maximum variance of plus or minus 3mm. 

Currently, in the range, we have from 122mm OD pipe to 507mm OD, with plans to extend beyond these sizes. 
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