Butterfly valve suitable for drinking water

Our Series 756 double eccentric butterfly valves are designed with a tilted disc for easy operation. The disc seal is made of our own drinking water approved EPDM rubber featuring an excellent compression set and the ability to retain its original shape 15-02-2024

The fully encapsulated shaft/disc connection ensures high durability and service life. The valves are suitable for for bi-directional applications.

The valves are ideal for drinking water and neutral liquids to max. 70°C.

Main Features and Benefits:

• The tilted disc releases the compression of the seal after a few degrees of opening resulting in low operating torque
• Disc seal profile and rubber quality ensure low closing torque
• Sealing rubber & coating approved for drinking water to AS/NZS 4020
• A4 Stainless Steel fasteners
• Replaceable seat ring in 316 Stainless Steel
• Threaded bolt holes in the disc sealed with o-rings for corrosion protection
• A shaft of Duplex Stainless Steel with self-lubricating PTFE/bronze composite radial bearings
• Shaft ends are fitted with a Duplex Stainless Steel End Cover that seals the disc interior for corrosion protection
  and ensures the shaft cannot be moved by system pressure
• Replaceable shaft seal with two EPDM o-rings on each side of a bronze bushing, and a flat NBR gasket
• Coating in accordance with AS/NZS 4158
• IP68 Gearbox with Position Indicator

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Butterfly Valve Double Eccentric

This animation shows the multiple configurations and advantages of our double eccentric butterfly valves. The butterfly valves feature tilted disc design, protected shaft end zones and optimized disc sealing for high reliability and durability.