AVK Sustainability Report 19/20

Sustainability has always been a part of AVK’s DNA, and we work with sustainability on different levels. A strong focus on innovation and the development of high-quality products with a long lifetime. We continuously work on reducing our impact on the environment and climate in the production of our products. We invest in innovative technologies and business areas that all contribute to a green transition. 13-01-2021

Some of the key initiatives taken by AVK related to the SDGs are

  • World Water Day competition for our customers and business partners to celebrate the projects focused on water, sanitation and environment.
  • Importance on the reuse of waste materials from our production with the objective to have zero waste for landfill. We take responsibility for our waste handling from both production and administration and have a declared goal that all waste and by-products must be part of a circular economy.
  • Reporting of energy consumption data for each of the AVK companies, followed by formulation of objectives for improvements. Our primary goal is to maintain the level of water and energy consumption to minimum despite an increase in production.
  • Educational support by initiation of a water summer school in collaboration with the University of Aarhus and leading Danish water companies and utilities.

As a market leader, we emphasize both global and local commitment, and we have clearly defined Group policies for safety, environment, ethics and quality.