Complete Tapping Service have developed and patented a solution to minimizing shut downs on water and waste water mains. Through utilizing our knowledge of Under Pressure Tapping’s, Complete Tapping Service was able to develop a system where a 65mm under pressure tapping is performed and a rubber packer is then inserted into the live main. This packer is then expanded with water to fill the inside of the main creating a shut off.

The AquaStopTM process allows any main (80mm – 150mm) to be isolated at the point it needs to be minimizing the size of the isolated section of main meaning less houses and properties are left without water during routine maintenance work or connections.

Utilising our patented AquastopTM system provides many benefits including:
Eliminates finding valves that operate close to where the work's are to be carried out.
Maintains pipeline integrity & maintains fire protection.
AquaStopTM can be completed in less than one hour, from assembly of clamp/valve on main to completion of the Line Stop for use on 80mm to 150mm pipes.
Eliminates supply disruption to customers, backflow contamination and water quality issues.
No loss of fire protection as the mater main is charged frequently. 

CTS AquastopTM package includes the following:
Flanged offtakes to principles requirements to AS 4181.
DR Brass Ball Valve.
PE finishing plug.
Pressure testing of connection prior to drilling to WSAA Code of Practice.
GPS Co-ordinates of Line Stop fitting.
Water main marker tape to clamp.
Blocking as necessary to support the clamp assembly.

Some of the different uses for line stopping include: 
• Water main extensions.
• Replacement /Installation of in-line valves.
• Removal of disused tee pieces.
• Replacement of sections of water main.                                         
• Replacement /Installation of in-line hydrants.
• Other programmed works requiring isolation of a section of water main such that customer supply is not affected and KPI measurements can be maintained.