Insta Valve

The Insta Valve process utilises our HydraStop system to allow CTS to perform and under pressure tapping directly on top of the main which then allows CTS to install a valve into a live main with no disruption to the service at all. (Main is kept live the whole time).

Insta Valves are 316SS and come in a size range of 100mm up to 300mm. Insta Valve  can be performed on a range of existing main types and work just like any “regular valve” in the market place (with the same valve nut size, same amount of turns to close/open as a standard AS valve) an Insta Valve gar.

Utilising our Insta Valve Technology provides many benefits including:
• Eliminates overtime & after hours cost of traditional valve cut-ins.
• Maintains the pipeline integrity with no flow disruption.
• Eliminates water supply disruption to customers including key stake holders such as hospitals, nursing homes, cafes, restaurants, etc.
• Eliminates potential back flow and contamination of the water supply system.
• No loss of fire protection as the water main is charged most of the time.
• No wastage of water or costs to de-water or recharge.
• No water quality issues or supply problems, re-chlorination is not required.


Insta valve Features:

• Standard Australian Valve Nut.
• Valve Body made of 316SS or Rilsan Coated Carbon Steel.
• Valve gate made of SBR rubber.
• New Heavy Duty 316SS Valve Stem.
• Heavy Duty Flange.
• All Nuts, bolts and washers in 316SS.