Under Pressure Tapping

Complete Tapping Service performs under pressure tapping’s on all water & waste water pipes of all material’s (MSCL, DICL, CICL, UPVC, PE, HOBAS, RC, Ecopur, Ducpur, Cu and others). CTS perform under pressure tapping’s from 20mm up to 750mm (Drill size) with no disruption to the water supply for industrial, commercial & domestic purposes.

CTS have developed our own drill which is only 550mm in length keeping trench and excavation requirements to a minimum. CTS have spent the last 20 years working on improving the drill, equipment used, process and cutters with most 100mm/150mm tapping’s completed in less than 1 hour giving contractors more time to complete their works.

Complete Tapping Service is your leading contractor for Under Pressure Tapping solutions in the Water & Waste Water industry.

Our Under Pressure Tapping Package Includes:       
• Flanged offtakes to principles requirements to AS 4181.
• Approved high quality flanged resilient seated or metal wedge valves to AS 2638.
• EPDM rubber gaskets.
• 316 stainless steel moly bonded nuts, bolts, washers & delrin insulated tophats.
• Pressure testing of connection prior to drilling to WSAA Code of Practice.
• Blocking as necessary to support the valve and clamp assembly.
• Can be tailored to suit local requirements