AVK CTS completes the largest Under Pressure Tapping

AVK CTS is pleased to announce the largest under pressure tapping deal in New Zealand 19-10-2017

AVK CTS (Complete Tapping Service) recently completed the largest known Under Pressure Tapping carried out in New Zealand. The tapping was on a 500mmNB DICL pipe and the tapping size was 375mm. The works were in Te Mata Road, Napier.

The tapping was completed on the 19th October 2017 and involved freighting a large tapping drill, power pack, equipment and small tools to Auckland. CTS also had to arrange air-freight for a large MS epoxy coated flanged tapping clamp from the UK to Australia and then into New Zealand. The tapping itself was a complete success and the feedback from the customer, Monadelphous Engineering NZ, was outstanding. They were very pleased with the quality of the product, materials and the process executed including the dedicated service provided by CTS.

This accomplishment will hopefully help CTS establish a ‘beachhead’ in New Zealand as an emerging market for their technology and service model. On behalf of CTS, we would like to thank Barry Hewish, CTS Drilling Technician and Allan King, CTS Business Development Engineer for their continued support, determination and commitment to the project.